100 Days of Real Bush

It’s January, which means it’s ‘Pledge to do stuff to improve your life for 100 days’ time. There’s loads of people on the interwebs promising to work out for 100 days, or eat only ‘real food’ for 100 days, meditate, get a new job, always be kind to their children, blah blah blah… But where are the women pledging not to shave, wax or otherwise remove their pubic hair until the first tender buds of spring are peering out of the ground? I certainly haven’t found any.

Therefore, I am boldly pledging to start the newest body hair revolution and am hereby declaring myself the first participant in ‘100 Days of Real Bush’. Seeing as I’m already about 30 days in, this should be a breeze. Keeps my thighs warm on these cold winter days.

Join the challenge…if you dare!

2 thoughts on “100 Days of Real Bush

  1. Without meaning to be part of any pledge I can say that my bush has been untouched since the birth of my baby over 3 years ago. I’ve got PCOS and I can safely say I’m very short to having a bikini line that goes half way down my thighs :s Is the same situation with shaving my legs…. There are many reasons why I haven’t done any looking after these areas, mainly because I’ve got more important things to do and can’t really find time for it. This leads me to say that I find difficult to “look after” myself more… So I don’t dedicate a great deal of time to how look. However, I am also aware that I am what I am, and my child -who’s now 3- loves me all the same. I know my partner prefers areas to be hair free and kept short, but hey! This body is mine and is amazing for just being able to grow a child inside it! I don’t like the look of hairy legs or the lack of a bikini line, but then I don’t flash/show/share my hairiness either so I don’t bother anyone. So yes, there is no pledge here. Just wild hair 😉

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